Protect the Planet

GLI is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Protect the Planet. Protect the Planet also sees itself as a catalytic actor and has been involved for years, among other things with a climate complaint before the European Court of Justice, in the legal area for the well-being of humans, environment and climate. One part of our cooperation is the development of concepts for future Green Legal Labs for prospective and experienced lawyers.

Stiftung Mercator

With and through GLI, Stiftung Mercator promotes more intensive cooperation between environmental associations on legal issues. The goal is to conduct environmental and climate protection lawsuits as effectively as possible. This also includes systematic advice on the right of associations to sue, as well as targeted outreach to the (political) public to strengthen the right of associations to sue. The foundation also supports our training programs, which aim to raise awareness of national and European environmental and climate protection law among prospective lawyers and young graduates.


GLI partners with the Environmental Trust Fund. The fund has financial means to support the environmental and climate justice movement in legal proceedings. And GLI supports the movement through the exchange of professional experience between the corresponding lawyers. Thus, the two organizations complement each other well.