Climate Movement

The climate catastrophe requires urgent action. More and more people are realising this, especially young people who are directly confronted with the consequences of this legacy. This causes them – independent of established environmental and nature conservation associations – to tkae to the streets and join protest movements.

Climate activists are committed to a liveable environment for all that is as intact as possible. Nevertheless, they usually have to take personal responsibility for the consequences of their protest. GLI aims to provide legal expertise to the climate movement. To this end, GLI arranges for lecturers from its network who work as lawyers, coordinates the professional exchange between them and organises topic-specific training, for example on the right of assembly and its limitations. The aim is to enable the climate movement to independently plan and conduct events in accordance with the law. The trainings provide participants with the necessary tools to evaluate different scenarios and their legal consequences in advance (for example, a ban on assemblies) and to develop alternative strategies if necessary. GLI does not provide legal services itself, but mediates and facilitates them as needed.