Green Legal Impact Germany e.V. (GLI) was founded in December 2019 in Berlin.

GLI sees itself as a “catalytic-strategic actor” in the field of environmental law in Germany. The association aims to strengthen access to justice and, in a progressively globalized world, to help identifying the environmental impact of German actors abroad (governmental and corporate actions) and to strengthen global actors in their legal actions. This should also contribute to an improvement of national and international environmental standards.

GLI supports associations with environmental law or (often congruent) human rights approaches in their concerns in order to strengthen campaigns and high-profile debates.

GLI does not compete with established NGOs and their experts and working groups. Instead, the association aims to offer and carry out systematic coordination at the international, national, and even local levels on court access, strategic lawsuits, and issues within existing lawsuits, which has hardly been done so far.

Green Legal Impact Germany is open to all natural and legal persons who support the goals of the organization.